Silt Fence/Plows



Applied Turf Products has all specifications of Pre-Fabbed Silt Fence & Silt Fence Rolls. This includes DOT specs, wire-back, 5, 6, & 8′ centers, with a variety of fabric specifications. We also handle silt fence rolls for silt fence plows that are 3′ x 1500′ in length. Accessories include true oak stakes that are 1.5″ sq x 48″ tall, metal T-Posts, and Pasload cordless staple guns. For Contractors installing thousands of linier feet of silt fence per year, you need to investigate our McCormick Silt Fence Plow. This device attaches to skid steers or Tractors & makes it possible to install 5000′ of fence per day….and slices the material in the ground with ease. It will pay for itself on your first big job!

Silt Fence/Plows:

Economy Plow
Rotary Offset Plow
Push Pull Plow
Vibratory Plow