APPLIED TURF PRODUCTS is proud to announce that we have partnered with APPLIED POLYMER SYSTEMS to distribute their family of Polymer products. You will be hearing alot of about (PEBMP’s) which are “Polymer Enhanced Best Management Practices.

Applied Polymer Systems (APS) uses an innovative approach for the performance optimization of polymer applications. Unlike conventional techniques that tend to only “get close”, APS precisely matches the correct polymer to the desired application. Results are increased performance and reduced cost. The APS approach has been proven within numerous mining and construction properties within the United States and Canada since 1993 and has led to significant increases in performance and cost reduction. APS was instrumental in securing two U.S. Patents in Water Treatment and Acid Rock Drainage applications. The APS approach has been reviewed and commended by Sr. Environment Scientists within government and private industry.APS optimizes existing or new processes, operational or environmental processes and applications increasing their efficiency and lowering their cost. Recent knowledge and polymer product advances have undergone dramatic changes within the last seven years. APS is capable of achieving significant improvement in industrial applications. Few consulting firms are aware of the enhanced performances and cost savings that can be realized using these new technological applications.Laboratory testing and research using over 1100 polymer research papers from agriculture, medical, mining, petroleum, and food processing fields have led to the formation of APS. The result is a precise characterization of the mass-to-charge ratio of the polymer analogous to the specific lithology and chemistry of the target particles of the various substrates. This precise characterization allows for the formation of insoluble chelates resulting in greater particle stabilization which can be easily manipulated in regard to the specific polymer application processes.

Application Guide: Polymer Enhanced Best Management Practice (PEBMP)


APS 700 Series Silt Stop
Polyacrylamide Erosion Control Powder
APS 700 Series Silt Stop is a group of soil specific tailored polyacrylamide co-polymer
powders for erosion control. They reduce and prevent erosion of fine particles and colloidal clays from water.
Primary Applications:
- Mine Tailings and Waste Piles
- Newly Cleared Construction or Building Sites
- Road and Highway Construction
- Hydroseeding and Water Truck Application
- Hand Spreading and Ditch Placement
Features and Benefits:
- Removes Solubilized Soils and Clay from Water
- Prevents Colloidal Solutions in Water when Applied to the Soil Surface
- Will Reduce Soil Movement During Rain Event on Moderate Slopes
- Binds Cationic Metals within the Soil Matrix, Reducing Solubilization
- Reduces Pesticide and Fertilizer Loss During Rain Events
- Reduces Wind Borne Dust Conditions
- Increases Soil Permeability and Water Penetration to Shallow Plants
- Reduces Operational and Cleanup Costs
- Reduces Environmental Risk and Compliance
Specifications / Compliances:
- ANSI/NSF Standard 60 Drinking water treatment chemicals
- 48 Hr. or 96 Hr. Acute Toxicity Tests (D. magna, P. promelas, or O. mykiss)
- 7 day Chronic Toxicity Tests (P. promelas or C. dubia)
APS 700 Series Silt Stop powders are packaged in 50 Lbs Bags
Technical Information:
Appearance / White Granular Powder
Bulk Density – 40-50 Lbs./Cubic Foot
Percent Moisture – 15% Maximum
pH 0.5% Solution – 6-8
Shelf Life – up to 5 Years
10 – 20 # powder / Acre – gentle to moderate slopes (flat to 4:1) Dry Spread Applications
20 – 50 # powder / Acre – steep slopes (3:1 to 1:1) Dry Spread Applications
3.5 – 5 # powder / 1000 gallons water / 1/3 Acre Hydroseed Applications
Note: Dosage-application rates are determined by soil specific testing. Soil polymers and blends should never be used without testing the soil first. The above rates are generalized guidelines only, please refer to your soil specific test results for specific application rates. Consult your local distributor or send your samples to Applied Polymer Systems, Inc. for testing.

Directions for Use:Dry Form:
APS Silt Stop Powder may be applied by hand spreader, mechanical disc, or hand sowing. Slop or ditch application may require artificial support such as straw, or wood fiber mulch to reduce down slope movement. Areas of high water velocity will require benching or tier structuring to reduce velocity. Sheet flow applications are best.
APS Silt Stop Powder may be mixed with dry silica sand to aid in spreading. Ratios of sand to powder will vary in accordance with the type of spreading device used.Liquid Form:
APS Silt Stop Powder may be applied with hydroseeders, water trucks or other spraying devices. All spraying devices must have a mechanical agitator, mixing apparatus or hydraulic recirculation. Caution – DO NOT mix powder into a spraying device that does not contain a mixing apparatus.
Sprinkle powder into the water with the mixing apparatus operating as the last material to be added to the mix. Three to five minutes of mixing will be required after the powder is sprinkled into the water. ADD THE POWDER SLOWLY – adding the powder too fast will result in clumping resulting in poor performance. Longer mixing times will create high viscosity solutions possibly causing some types of spray equipment to undergo cavitations.Caution – DO NOT exceed 8 lbs / 1500 gallons as viscosity of the water may damage spraying equipment. (This will treat 1/2 acre)

Spilled powder should be cleaned up dry as best as possible using broom or vacuum. Extreme slippery conditions will result if the polymer becomes wet. In event of skin contact, wash powder from skin as soon as possible using soap and water.



  • Prevent inhalation of the powder, use adequate dust mask.
  • Clean up spills quickly. DO NOT use water unless necessary, extremely slippery conditions will result.
  • DO NOT add water to the APS Silt Stop powder, add the powder to the water slowly (sprinkle).
  • APS Silt Stop powders will remain viable on the soil surface for 60-90 days. Longer viability will occur when applied powder is covered with straw or wood fiber mulch.
  • APS 700 Series Silt Stop powders has been specifically tailored to specific soil types. Soil types in varying geographic areas may require testing. If proper performance of this product is not satisfactory, contact Applied Polymer Systems.